You did it!

You’re joining us in The Change Room!

I’m so thrilled. And so grateful.

The upgrades we’re going to make together? The shifts you’re going to experience? Let’s just say: they’re going to feel equal parts simple, doable, and so damn good.

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Right now,

there’s a confirmation email winging its way to your inbox.

It’s got all the details and info you need — including those all-important logins for the membership portal.

The Basics are already in there, waiting for you.

And just like that one pair of undies you always reach for (the ones that fit so well, and that make all your outfits look better), you’ll come back to these tools again and again.

So go check your inbox now. If you can’t see the email within 5-10 minutes, check your spam, then reach out to the team ( and we’ll get you sorted.

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YOU are amazing, and I’m so excited to be your guide in The Change Room. See you in your inbox shortly!

Love Lisa xx

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